Welcome To VitaNovu

VitaNovu is Latin for “New Life.”  We are an integrative wellness center and progressive medical spa, that is passionate about restoring health and revitalizing youth in our patients.  Our mission is to create balance for the body, inside and out, using education and the latest medical technology.  We strive to empower our patients to live long, confident, and healthy lives.

Restore Your Health

At VitaNovu we are able to treat a variety of health conditions using a holistic and integrative approach. Unlike a traditional medical practice, our providers aim to identify the underlying cause of a health concern rather than simply masking the symptoms with a prescribed medication. We use advanced diagnostic testing, including genetic analysis, and aim to optimize the body’s natural repair and recovery mechanisms. We also focus on true preventative health by educating our patients on how to live a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle.

Revitalize Your Youth

Sun, diet, toxins, and hormonal imbalance all contribute to the aging process and skin conditions such as acne, rosacea, and melasma. Unlike a traditional dermatology practice or medical spa, VitaNovu uses an inside out approach, which ultimately provides long term results. We pride ourselves on educating our patients so they can make informed treatment decisions and spend their dollars wisely. We use the latest technology in cosmetic procedures and scientifically proven skin care products for consistent results and patient satisfaction.