Acne is an inflammatory skin condition that occurs when hair follicles become plugged with oil, dead skin cells, and bacteria that form comedones, pustules, and cysts. It is typically caused by a number of internal factors and often has little to do with the skin directly. An estimated 80% of all people have struggles with acne at some point in their life. Many clinicians and physicians who treat acne will recommend harsh skin care lines, long-term antibiotic therapy, or toxic medications to eradicate the condition. However, they do not address the underlying cause of the condition. At VitaNovu, Dr. Barry can perform a comprehensive health assessment using advanced testing methods, to help you discover the cause of your acne and ultimately treat it from the inside out. In addition, VitaNovu provides various cosmetic procedures to reduce breakouts while working to improve your health and the health of your skin.

Common causes of acne that can be tested and treated:

  • Hormone imbalance – excess testosterone leads to excess oil production in the skin
  • Improper shedding of dead skin cells that lead to build up on the skin – this process slows naturally as we age
  • Excess bacteria, usually Proprionibacterium Acne, residing on the skin
  • Food allergies or sensitivities such as gluten, dairy, and sugar
  • Intestinal yeast overgrowth – often caused by use of antibiotics, steroids, or high sugar intake
  • Improper balance of the good bacteria in the gut that helps support the immune system
  • Lack of stomach acid or digestive enzymes leading to poor absorption of vitamins and minerals
  • Toxins such as mercury and xenoestrogens
  • Nutrient deficiencies such as Vitamin B3 (niacin) and zinc
  • Insulin resistance and diabetes

Results May Vary*

Results May Vary*

Cosmetic treatments available for acne

Photodynamic Therapy (Acne Light Therapy)

Photodynamic therapy involves the application of a prescription medication, called Levulan® followed by activation with a blue light or broadband light. The medication selectively destroys the bacteria that cause acne, shrinks the oil glands, and exfoliates the top layer of the skin to remove dead skin cells, addressing 3 major contributors to acne all at once. Acne can improve dramatically within a few weeks. Since the medication is activated by light, the procedure requires avoidance of sunlight and other bright lights for 48-72 hours after it is performed. It is recommended that the procedure be performed in a series of 3, every 4 weeks for best results.*

BBL (Broadband Light) Therapy

Forever Clear BBL™ directly targets bacteria on the skin in a safe and effective way. The blue-light wavelength has been shown to directly target p. acnes bacteria on the surface of the skin and in the oil glands, without causing drying, flaking or other side effects that can come from harsh skin care products. BBL can be used alone but is also a wonderful complement to other skin-improving modalities such as salicylic acid based chemical peels and a natural home skin care regimen. Treatments are approximately 20-30 minutes with no downtime. For optimal results, a series of 6-8 weekly treatments is recommended for most clients, with periodic touch-ups as needed depending on acne type and severity.*

Chemical Peels

A variety of chemical peels can be used to exfoliate the skin, eradicate bacteria, and decrease oil production. A complimentary skin consultation is recommended prior to the treatment to ensure you receive the most appropriate peel for your skin type. Peels vary in price and range from $75-$275 for a single treatment. However, it is often recommended that a peel be performed every 2 weeks in a series of 3-6. Packages can be purchased at a discounted price.*

Osmosis Facial Infusion

Facial Infusion is a revolutionary non-chemical peel delivering long-term skin benefits, using the most potent form of Vitamin A, retinaldehyde, to gently resurface the skin. This unique formulation increases circulation, delivers nutrients deep into the skin, boosts immunity and stimulates collagen production. It can be combined with other active skin care ingredients to treat your unique skin type and specific acne types.*

Hydrafacial MD

Hydrafacial is revolutionary treatment that involves exfoliation, chemical peel, extractions, and infusion of skin peptides and hyaluronic acid for an overall skin rejuvenation. It allows for higher concentrations of salicylic acid and glycolic acid which helps reduce oil production, exfoliate dead skin, clear pores and blackheads, and nourish the skin all in one painless 30 minute procedure! There is no downtime or peeling involved. A series of 3-6 bi-weekly treatments is recommended to treat acne.*

Acne Scars 

Acne scars result after skin follicles become blocked by excessive oils and the physiology of keratin and old skin cells trigger an inflammatory response reaction. The skin will attempt to heal and the scar tissue results as the collagen becomes deformed and thickens. Acne scars are categorized as being “ice- pick”, “rolling” or “boxcar .”

Dermapen or Halo can provide results for improving the appearances of the acne scars. The physical nature of “skin-needling” or laser treatments can break up fibrous and uneven scar tissue and encourage the growth of new and healthy tissue.*

Do you struggle with acne scarring?

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