Functional Medicine

Functional Medicine (otherwise known as Integrative, Anti-Aging, or Metabolic & Nutritional Medicine) is founded upon the principles of science, and the art of developing a healing relationship between patient and provider.  It is an approach to health care that closely examines how genetics, environment, and lifestyle interact to create health or disease. Since each patient represents a complex set of genetics interwoven with their own lifetime of unique environmental and lifestyle exposures, Functional Medicine providers must get to know their patients well to create very personalized treatment plans.

Although we can’t change genetics, we can influence the way your genetics behave by investigating the triggers and factors that are perpetuating disease. Nutritional deficiencies, infections, toxin exposure, hormone imbalance, and gut health are all factors that Functional Medicine providers can look for to determine the cause of symptoms or disease. By removing, reversing, or substantially improving those aberrant factors, and giving the body the tools it needs to repair itself, we can promote a state of true health.

 Your functional medicine provider can help you correct imbalances using dietary changes, lifestyle interventions, supplements, medications (when necessary), detoxification methods, and natural hormone replacement.

A comprehensive treatment strategy focuses on these major factors:

  • Stress Management
  • Gut Health & Nutrition
  • Movement/Exercise
  • Adequate Sleep
  • Hormone Balance
  • Detoxification

Functional medicine is the medicine of the future. It is proactive, not reactive. The goal is to prevent or reverse disease before it becomes severe and/or debilitating. Using advanced diagnostic testing and quality time spent getting to know their patients,  Functional Medicine providers can tailor a treatment plan that is unique to you and no one else.

Functional Medicine Tree

The tree is used to illustrate the core aspects of a Functional Medicine/Anti-Aging approach to health (soil and roots), as opposed to the conventional medicine approach which only focuses on separate body organs and symptoms (branches and leaves).

In order to keep the tree healthy and allow it to flourish, you need to support the most basic and essential elements first, the roots and the soil.  Similarly, if the tree is not healthy, the first place you should look for answers is in those same foundational elements.  Once the leaves start to die or fall off (i.e.: your symptoms or disease), you can only heal the tree by going back to it’s roots, you cannot simply stick the leaves back on and expect them to repair themselves!

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