Do you take insurance?

VitaNovu does not bill insurance directly and therefore payment at the time of service is required. However, we do provide our patients with an insurance claim form to submit for reimbursement on any of our medically related services.

How much is the testing?

Dr. Barry will work with all patients to provide appropriate and affordable care on any budget. Insurance does cover a portion of the types of specialized testing Dr. Barry performs, depending on your health care plan.

Do you offer financing options or financial assistance?

Yes, we have some affordable options for our patients who would like to pay for their services in the form of a monthly payment plan. Please inquire for more details.

How is VitaNovu different from that of a traditional doctor, PCP, or dermatologist?

Dr. Barry spends significant time with her patients to get to know every aspect of their health, genetics, and lifestyle. This is not the standard of care when you see traditional doctors who only have 15 minutes to spend getting to know you. She will work with you to find the CAUSE of your symptoms and why you have developed them, rather than just prescribing medications or treatments to cover them up.

For example: If you are seen for acne, we can offer cosmetic treatments to help the acne improve, but Dr. Barry will also recommend medical testing to discover the true cause of the acne, such as hormonal imbalance, food allergies, and/or abnormal balance in gut bacteria. This is important because if the underlying cause is never discovered, the acne may never resolve.*

Another example: If you are seen for depression or anxiety, Dr. Barry can do special testing to look at the imbalance in neurotransmitters (the hormones that control our mood) and recommend the appropriate treatment based on your results. This type of testing is not offered with traditional doctors and thus you will likely be treated with a “trial and error” approach (trying different medications until something works). Dr. Barry has been trained to understand that no two people have the same body chemistry, and that is why anti-depressants and anti-anxiety medications do not help everyone.

What is anti-aging medicine?

Anti-Aging Medicine is a clinical/medical specialty and field of scientific research aimed at the early detection, prevention, treatment, and reversal of age-related decline. It is well documented by peer-reviewed medical and scientific journals and employs evidence-based methodologies to conduct patient assessments and treatment plans. It is personalized and preventative medicine to achieve and maintain optimal health as we age.

How does our weight loss program differ from all the others?

VitaNovu can provide specialized testing to determine how to optimize your metabolism and discover why your body is holding onto weight; whether it’s hormonal imbalance, chronic inflammatory states, toxins that are stored in the fat cells, or other underlying conditions that contribute to excess weight. You will then receive a unique and customized treatment plan consisting of supplements, meal plans, stress reduction techniques, detox programs, and exercise programs with referral to a personal trainer if needed, to help you achieve your goals. We also offer the latest technology in fat reduction which helps jumpstart your metabolism and help you achieve your weight loss and health goals much quicker!*

Is VitaNovu just another medical spa?

Absolutely not! Dr. Barry evaluates all patients and is Board Certified in Internal Medicine, has undergone extensive fellowship training in Anti-Aging and Aesthetic Medicine and is currently studying to obtain a Masters Degree in Metabolic and Nutritional Medicine through the University of South Florida College of Medicine. This is why VitaNovu can offer comprehensive care, even if a patient only has aesthetic concerns.

Dr. Barry is not only offering procedures for possible improvement in physical appearance, but she will also help you discover the cause of your physical symptoms, and treat the underlying condition if there is a related health connection.

For example: if you want to treat skin laxity (saggy or loose skin) on the face or neck with botox or radio frequency tightening, Dr. Barry may also suggest testing your hormones. Often times the appearance of our skin is a reflection of an imbalance within our body, and in post-menopausal women, estrogen deficiency often leads to unhealthy appearing or loose skin and excess wrinkles.

In addition, Dr. Barry is also capable of prescribing skin care products that are created at a local pharmacy to address your unique skin care needs. Something that is not available at any medical spa.