Lab Testing

We have taken great measures to keep your health care costs affordable in order to help pave the way to your ideal health. Most traditional blood lab tests are covered by your insurance plan regardless of the ordering physician. However, we recommend that you check with your insurance provider to better understand any restrictions or financial obligations you may have under your current plan. For instance, if you have to meet a large deductible before labs are covered, you may decide that paying cash is a more affordable option.

We offer discounted lab services for anyone wishing to pay directly through Cole Diagnostics. This could be a less expensive option than going through your insurance carrier. Any pre-paid labs can be submitted to your insurance carrier for reimbursement or application toward your deductible, if you choose.

We also use peripheral lab services, such as ZRT, Genova, and Doctors Data, for specialized testing. The price of those tests will be clearly conveyed by your provider prior to ordering.

Timing of Labs:  It will often take 2 weeks to get complete lab results. Stool and urine hormone testing can take up to 4 weeks. Please allow for this time window when scheduling your lab and office appointments, as it is always the best use of your time and money to have your labs available for review at your appointments.

Lab Review:  We review all of your lab results in detail with you at the time of your appointment. We find that this provides you a better understanding of the status of your health and facilitates motivation and tracking of progress. A complete review of all lab results via e-mail is not practical nor is it good medical practice. If you need a complete review prior to your appointment you can set up a paid phone consult billed at standard office rates. A simple lab value means nothing by itself without interpreting it in context of the entire clinical picture and your symptoms, which is why follow up appointments are still necessary.

Lab Record Requests:  We are happy to provide you with copies of your labs AFTER your provider has explained the results to you.  If you are obtaining a copy of your labs to give to other providers, please note that they may not be trained in the validity or the interpretation of the specialty labs we perform. You may incur a fee for copies of these records if obtained prior to your appointment or requesting additional copies for yourself or other providers.


For more information on the proper collection of kits we commonly use in our office, please use the link for our YouTube channel: YouTube/VitaNovu