Pigment/Melasma/Age Spots

Melanin is the pigment found in our skin that creates various shades of brown. It is formed by specialized cells called melanocytes. The primary purpose of melanin is to absorb UV light and protect the skin cells from DNA damage. This is why our skin tans or burns in the presence of sunlight depending on your genetics and the capacity of your melanocytes to produce protective melanin. Although all humans contain the same number of melanocytes, genetically darker skin types have the capacity to produce more pigment in higher concentrations, thereby giving them more protection from the sun. Melanocytes respond to a variety of other signals as well, such as hormones, heat, and inflammation. Unfortunately, this leads to various unsightly skin conditions such as melasma (mask of pregnancy), post-inflammatory hyper pigmentation (PIH), scarring, solar lentigines (sun spots), uneven skin tone, and even melanomas.

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There are 2 ways to address pigment related conditions: prevent it from forming and accelerate it’s loss. Both should be used to achieve the most effective results. VitaNovu has all the tools needed to treat pigment concerns as listed below:

Prevent pigment formation

  1. UV protection
    • Osmosis Shade: A very effective natural mineral sunblock containing titanium dioxide and zinc oxide, which reflects the suns rays, keeping them from stimulating melanocyte activity.
  2. Hormonal balance
    • Dr. Barry may suggest testing your hormones if you have significant melasma
  3. Inhibit melanin production or transfer
    • Hydroquinone – Dr. Barry can prescribe a formula to fit your needs. The Vita Melasma Peel also contains hydroquinone and other products to inhibit melanin production.
    • Azealic acid – Dr. Barry can prescribe this in a compounded cream
    • Neocutis Perle – a revolutionary hydroquinone-free Swiss formula with four natural ingredients designed to turn off the production of pigment. To be used as a long term daily therapy for prevention of melanin formation.

Accelerate pigment loss

  1. Exfoliation
    • Vita Melasma Peel (VMP) – a prescription formula of ingredients designed to break up pigment on the surface and turn off the production of the pigment in the deeper layers of the skin. The mask is applied during an office visit with a post-care kit and instructions to continue the treatment at home.
    • Elure® with Melanozyme– a patented 3 step formula designed to breakdown the pigment in the top layers of the skin, evening out skin tone, and brightening your complexion!
    • Osmosis Renew or Relieve – contains retinaldehyde, a vitamin A derivative that is readily usable by the skin. It does not cause sun sensitivity or dryness like other retin-A products and is still very effective in accelerating cell turnover and skin exfoliation.
  2. Phototherapy
    • BBL FotoFacial – Broadband light or BBL is a non-invasive procedure that uses high energy light to break up pigment, which will then rise to the surface of the skin and flake off over the course of a few weeks. Typically 3-5 treatments are needed every 4-6 weeks to eradicate all pigment. Melasma patients require pre-treatment with a hydroquinone based product for 2-4 weeks and must continue hydroquinone for the duration of a series.*
  3. Laser Treatments
    • Halo Hybrid Fractional Laser – Halo uses two different lasers simultaneously to break up pigment in the dermal and epidermal layers of the skin. Pre-treatment and with a hydroquinone based product for 2-4 weeks is required. Halo settings are customized to each patients skin type and needs, and typically more than one treatment is recommended to effectively treat pigmentation and/or melasma.*

Concerned about uneven pigment, age spots, sun spots, melasma, or hyperpigmented scars?

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