Weight Loss

Excess weight plagues more than 65% of the American population and weight loss is a complex condition to address. It requires a comprehensive health assessment and specialty testing to determine why your body is storing fat instead of burning it and why there is a mismatch in energy balance. Besides the obvious things like diet and exercise, there are many other contributing factors to weight loss that most people are unaware of. It is not simply calories in/calories out.

At VitaNovu we take a comprehensive approach to weight loss, knowing that there is no quick fix. Although we do have some unique tools to help kick start your weight loss program, we aim to educate you and empower you to lose weight in a healthy manner and learn ways to maintain an ideal weight. We often find that when we focus on correcting the underlying imbalances that lead to weight gain, the body will naturally start to drop weight with very little change in activity levels because we are improving the bodies natural metabolism.  In fact, there are times when too much exercise can thwart your efforts in losing weight because it creates more stress for the body. The body requires balance and harmony for optimal metabolism, and VitaNovu offers the most effective strategies to achieve this.*

Our approach to weight loss may include:

1. Micronutrient testing for metabolic deficiencies
2. Hormone testing and treatment of imbalances
3. Intestinal health evaluation
4. Food allergy/sensitivity testing
5. Detoxification and minimizing toxin exposure
6. Customized meal plans
7. Healthy recipes
8. Stress reduction techniques
9. Proper sleep hygiene
10. Effective exercise strategies
11. Supplements that can increase metabolism and energy production

Since every patient is unique and will gain and lose weight differently, Dr. Barry recommends a comprehensive medical evaluation to aid in determining which weight loss strategy will work best for your body.

VitaNovu also has a unique weight loss and body contouring device that can shelp peed up your weight loss efforts in just one 90 minute session!*

We also offer injectable nutrients that can boost fat metabolism!

If you are interested in weight loss and boosting your body’s natural metabolism, call today to schedule an appointment!